How I (don't) use Facebook images

Dear Facebook friend,

I like you and I am happy that you take/tag/share photos of me, just not on Facebook!

I have a Facebook account but don't hang out there.

Please share your photos in public, not (only) inside Facebook. And please consider allowing Free reuse of your photos, by licensing them with a Free license like CC-BY-SA or CC0.

Here & Now

My suggestion for now is to use Flickr, and license all images as "Attribution, share alike".

The Perfect Way

Ideally you would publish the photos on some server that you control, like the Freedombox, but those are unfortunately not yet easy to find or use.

Why not Facebook?

Facebook is a closed system: all activities happen at one central place.

Maybe you don't care who is spying on the photo gallery that you share. That's fine - but please respect those of your friends who do care, by putting a copy of your photos somewhere with less thirdparty control.

Regards, Jonas