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add P2P Paris talk
isolate local styling on separate overridable file
fix catch Slidy URL under https protocol
re-add patch to include Debian logo
update slidy to upstream code as of 2014-05-28
Add Copenhagen talk.
A few corrections…
Update RDF/XML and signature.
Restructure and replace WebID hints.
Initial draft of Oslo talk, based on Toulouse talk.
updated PO files
Tidy script to please shellcheck.
Fix fail on subshell error.
Update RDF/XML and signatures.
Fix reference DbPedia (not full URLs). Thanks to Jean-Marc Vanel.
Fix reference DbPedia (not Wikipedia). Thanks to Jean-Marc Vanel.
Add page on currently used hardware.
No longer lives with Asbjørn or Aivilda.
Update postal address and geolocation.
Add Canada (CA) as visited country.
Adjust to island-specific zip code.
Add page on fonts.
Add bogus localized titles for broken locale handling.
Add bogus localized titles for broken locale handling.
Unfuzz toplevel localisations.
Fix drop unwritten chapter.
updated PO files
Page on BOSS.
Notes on IT@school meeting.
Remove accidentally generated gettext files. Thanks to Paul Wise.
Minor rephrasings: Singular theme, install routine.
Update/adjust danish l10n.
Add link to hamara page.
hamara localized into danish.
updated PO files
Add page on Hamara Linux.
India 2015 localized.
updated PO files
Page about india journey.
Update RDF/XML and signatures.
Replace WebID.
updated PO files
Fix update talk.
updated PO files
Add draft entry on FSCONS 2013 talk.
Fix link to Debian Blend (not Debian Pure Blend).
Fix track parl (not trip).
danish l10n.
updated PO files
Add new topic page parl.
Fix strip bogus waypoint.
updated PO files
creating tag page blends
Update danish l10n for home.
Fix strip stray } in map init().
updated PO files
Add map to home.
Fix placement of quote in l10n of home.
updated PO files
Fix add GUID to home inline.
Localize homes.
updated PO files
Separate home from info, and add historical homes.
Add more nicks. Move direct translations from nick to name. Add language codes to nicks and names.
Update RDF/XML.
Add Cyrillic name.
Update RDF/XML.
Fix chinese transliteration of own name in foaf file.
Danish l10n of talk blog entry.
Update talk.
Update talk.
Add blog post on linuxtag talk.
updated PO files
Add rendered talk.
Add linuxtag talk.
Update FreedomBox landing page.
updated PO files
Add Soylent Green graphics.
Regenerate slides.
Add more details for Paris talk.
Regenerate slides.
Mention that other slides belong to Zack.
Update danish l10n.
Add link to Debian Pure Blends.
Danish localization of Paris blog page.
updated PO files
Add Paris blog entry.
updated PO files
Add Paris talk.
Add danish translation of one-line bio.
updated PO files
Fix URL to epfsug2 slides. Thanks to Niels Thykier.
Fix and improve danish localizations.
updated PO files
Rephrase Giancarlo appraisal slightly.
Localize freedombox pages to danish.
Fix typo.
updated PO files