The FreedomBox

FreedomBox is a project to develop a tiny box usable by ordinary humans without special computer knowledge, to help gain independence from the disturbing centralization of internet services.

Skilled computer enthusiasts (geeks) have evolved a set of common practices to stay in control of their personal privacy when online. Unfortunately those practices often involve setting up complex systems and interacting with text consoles.

Aim of FreedomBox is to provide those same well-tested privacy-protecting practices for ordinary humans.

The physical box is (or will be) like an internet gateway or wifi router but with three distinguishing features:

  • Easy and intuitive to setup and personalize for non-geeks
  • Offers routines to help you protect your privacy
  • Offers routines to let you help others in need of privacy

"Privacy" is related to "secrecy" but not the same: Privacy is having control of your own information, deciding for yourself when you want to e.g. close the curtains or the door to your bathroom.

I am involved in the project, treating it as a Debian Pure Blend.

January 2011 I gave an interview about my involvement. I have since given talks on the subject at meetings and conferences in Brussels, Ã…rhus, Gothenburg, and Berlin.