FreedomBox - Helps You Stay Free!

On saturday 25. of May I gave a talk about FreedomBox at the "Claim back your device" track of LinuxTag in Berlin.

LinuxTag is a fairly big annual conference about (yes, you guessed right) Linux and related topics.

The FreedomBox is a project to help non-geeks care about their personal privacy when online, same ways as geeks have practiced for a decade or more. Concrete goal is to design a small, cheap physical box similar to an internet gateway or wifi router but with three additions:

  • Easy and intuitive to setup and personalize for non-geeks
  • Offers routines to help you protect your privacy
  • Offers routines to let you help others in need of privacy

"Privacy" is commonly mistaken as "secrecy": Privacy is to keep you in control of your information, so that sharing or keeping to yourself is truly your own choice.

Thanks a lot especially to Matthias Kirschner for inviting me as a speaker!

Slides (sources) for the event.