How I (don't) use Facebook

Dear Facebook friend,

I like you and I want to chat with you, just not on Facebook!

My Facebook account is there to reach you where you are, but I do not hang out there. Please join me at Free and Open spaces instead - via [email, Matrix, IRC or Jabber][/msg]…

Why not Facebook?

Facebook is a closed system: all activities happen at one central place.

Email, Matrix, Jabber and IRC are open protocols, exchanging between many Free systems (and some non-free ones as well).

Imagine having an overprotecting mother, who allow you only to meet your friends at one spot in town - where she can look after you.

You maybe have no secrets from your mom, but probably still appreciate the option of being alone - to have some privacy.

Facebook is that one spot in town. Open platforms are "let's go meet somewhere".

Regards, Jonas