How I (don't) use Facebook

Dear Facebook friend,

I like you and I want to chat with you, just not on Facebook!

My Facebook account is there to reach you where you are, but I do not hang out there. Please join me at Free and Open spaces instead - via email, IRC or Jabber…

Good old email

If you cannot be bothered with change, then simply email me!

My email address is like always :-)

Simple webchat

If you are in a hurry and do not use Jabber yet, then try use my Simple Groupchat.

Use guest login if you are not a user at

Proper Jabber

Jabber is similar to email: You need 1) an account somewhere, 2) some client application setup to use that account, and 3) the address of those you want to connect.

  1. Register an account at e.g. Indonesian or some other server.
  2. Install a Jabber client program…:
    • on Windows try install Gajim from
    • on smartphone try app from
    • on Ubuntu try use the Me menu in top right corner.
    • on Debian try install Pidgin: aptitude install pidgin.
  3. Invite me as your friend/buddy: my Jabber ID is
  4. Tell your friends to do the same! :-D

Geeky IRC

Many computer geeks hang out on IRC. I find it ugly and clumsy to use, but most of my techie friends are there, so I recommend going there to discuss technical matters.

On OFTC my nickname is jonas, and I often hang out at the chatroom #debian-devel (plus a few others).

Why not Facebook?

Facebook is a closed system: all activities happen at one central place.

Email, Jabber and IRC are open protocols, exchanging between many Free systems (and some non-free ones as well).

Imagine having an overprotecting mother, who allow you only to meet your friends at one spot in town - where she can look after you.

You maybe have no secrets from your mom, but probably still appreciate the option of being alone - to have some privacy.

Facebook is that one spot in town. Jabber is "let's go meet somewhere".

Regards, Jonas