How to get hold on dr. Jones

dr. Jones is actually just me, Jonas Smedegaard, who have found a working schedule of my own.

Here are some hints on how to best get hold on me:


Usually I am located at one of the following spots:

  • In the office (i.e. in the big read couch in our living room). Please call ahead if you consider dropping by.

  • On the road. Visiting clients in town or further away - maybe out shopping? Try my cellphone.

  • In Cyberspace. Have a look at my website or send me an email.

  • Gone? Send me an email - or perhaps an oldfashioned letter.



My hours awake are not static (to put it mildly) - but typically I work between lunch and midnight, throughout the week.

But you are welcome to try anytime - around the clock. Worst case is you reach an answering machine or a locked door! It is my responsibility to turn off my equipment if I will not be disturbed - not yours :-)


  • Email rather than phone

  • SMS rather than phone calls

  • Technical questions: Mailinglists rather than private email. Not phone!

  • Email is much appreciated :-)

Formal info

Addresses and phone numbers are at my contact page.