A computer is an advanced tool for logical and effective problem solving

Advanced: Undergone development, moved some steps forward

People tend to look at the word "advanced" as a positive term - as similar to "improved". But all it means is it has undergone development.

A rotten tomato is an advanced tomato.

To determine if development is positive one must consider the direction it is taking.

One could say that advancing implies moving forward, but "forward" isn't always the best way to go.

Logical: Structured, clinical

Logical is not the same as "simple". Although logical expressions can be as simple as "2+2=4", a computer contains so many layers of logic that they cease to be simple.

Computers are constructed logically, but so complex that they can be built only "somewhat flawless."

Effective: having a rapid impact

When you are effective you get alot done in a small amount of time or effort.

A tool is effective only if you become effective by using it.

For someone who don't know the path, no wind is a good wind.

Problem solving

Biggest challenges is in locating and describing a problem, not in fixing it. Problem solving badly prepared can even be damaging, because problematic structures below the surface can get even better hidden by a too simple "quick fix".