Hamara Linux

Siri and I are on a journey through India and Nepal, with the aim of learning about needs of Debian derivatives, to improve Debian and encourage closer integration.


Hamara Linux is a distribution based on Trisquel, hence descending from Debian via Ubuntu.

Next release will be a direct derivative of Debian.

We recommended to package missing parts for Debian itself, even if Hamara needs them faster than deemed "stable" in Debian. ITP bugreports is since filed for theme and install routine.

Visual design

Hamara Linux ships with a coherent visual style, covering widget theme, install routine, boot and login, and a range of wallpapers.

Siri has begun comparing widget theme against Debian. We might try distill diffs for each Debian→Ubuntu→Trisquel→Hamara derivation.

System contents and setup

Hamara Linux comes in two flavors: Hamara Namaste with a GNOME desktop, and Hamara Sugam with an Lxde desktop.

I have begun decomposing the package sets into classes for Boxer, at the same time extending Boxer.