Blended configuration

I want all my computing environments "furnished" similarly and as close to my personal taste as possible - be it big and small machines, self-administered and user accounts of others.

…and not only for myself - similar is needed for the environments I help maintain for my friends Siri, Erik and Peter.

The environments are seldom fully equal, so simply copying things around is rarely useful.

Here's a checklist of things that I need to customize and syncronize for me and my friends to feel at $HOME…:

  • System-wide
    • Tools available on the system
    • Graphical login and Desktop environments
    • Adjust fonts, colors etc. of terminal emulator, file manager etc.
    • Register SSH in monkeysphere, MAC in DHCP and hostname in DNS
  • Account
    • Syncronize browser bookmarks
    • Install/configure browser search plugins, config tweaks etc.
    • Setup email and messaging accounts, and syncronize archives
    • Syncronize development scripts, git repositories etc.
    • Register account in monkeysphere

Above is work-in-progress. I hope to later extend with more details - probably by linking to separate pages about each subtopic.