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Virus are in attachments

Virus are in attachments

Read your emails with pleasure.

Read greetings from here and from there - also from ones who write "I love you", and enjoy Nigerians attempting in long phrases to persuade you to exchange your pin-code with a fictious diamant mine.

And have a curious look at those emails seemingly delivered to you by error: Your collegue from work quoting a piece in hebrew and attaching a Word document. Your swedish friend warning in english about a virus you immediately must remove using her attached Excel spreadsheet. Bill Gates himself personally inviting you to a contest about a Nokia phone - you only need to "click here". Or yourself(?!?) sending you some gibberish and attaching a compressed file…

Virus are in attachments!

So read calmly your emails. Just avoid opening ATTACHMENTS that you do not know about. Are you in doubt, then ask the sender for an explanation or clarification.

You should NOT be afraid to read emails, and you should NOT follow hastily instructions you do not understand.

Are you in doubt then consult your local geek.

(and are you afraid you will be laughed at, then consult me - I won't laugh!).

One freaky detail: Some email applications (especially those from Microsoft) are so "nice" as to open attachments automatically - without your prior request. Consult your local geek if you worry that you are "gifted" with such applications.

But above all: Don't get frightened! Fear and suspicion are unpleasant creatures, and irrelevant in relation to email virus.

  • Jonas