Debian Pure Blends

Jonas Smedegaard

Sarada, Khammam, October 20th, 2011



Internet is our digital parallel World...






Healthy environment

Debian - the universal Operating System

Debian is "the universal Operating System"

Goal: Usable everywhere

Debian - your new home?

Debian - very flexible...

Debian - too flexible!

Debian is maybe too flexible: confusing or even scary...

Debian - ways to simplify

  1. Tolerate it: Use it as-is
  2. Remove choice: Use e.g. Ubuntu
  3. Use a Debian Pure Blend

Debian - simple if generic defaults are ok

Debian is simple - if you like the defaults.

Debian Pure Blend - Debian for a specific purpose

a subset of Debian configured to support a particular target group out-of-the-box.

Goal 1
Turn Debian into the distribution of choice for a specific target group
Goal 2
Advertise this fact to the world to attract users and developers

Debian Pure Blend - current blending projects

Deebian Pure Blends - future blends

Debian Pure Blends - all Debian

Debian packages Debian configured from Debian distribution

Debian Pure Blends - why bother?

Nice ideals and principles in theory, but...

What's in it for me?!?

Debian Pure Blends - downsides

Debian Pure Blends - Benefits

Tech - Debian, generic setup

Tech - Debian, hand-tuned

Tech - Debian, auto-tuned

Tech - Debian Pure Blend = generic

Tech - tasks involved

Tech - blends-dev

Tool to help maintain package lists and prospective packages.


Tech - dirty tricks

Avoid configuration files...

Tech - tweaks

Reusable scripts compatible with one or more of...

Tech - good style

Tech - When is it "Pure"?

When all is in Debian, with no dirty tricks:

Team - getting involved

Team - getting involved II

Team - getting involved III

Team - getting involved IV

Team - getting involved V

Team - Continuous status checks

Debian Pure Blends - Future

Final words...

Be passionate!

Share your passion!

Final words...

Be passionate!

Share your passion!

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