Debian Pure Blends

Jonas Smedegaard

HCU, Hyderabad, October 21th, 2011



Internet is parallel to the real World

Your mission in this World?


Key elements in life (and computer life)



Healthy environment

Debian - your new home?

Debian - the universal Operating System

Debian is "the universal Operating System"

Debian - very flexible...

Debian - too flexible!

Debian is maybe too flexible: confusing or even scary...

Debian - ways to simplify

  1. Tolerate it: Use it as-is
  2. Remove choice: Use e.g. Ubuntu
  3. Use a Debian Pure Blend

Debian - simple if generic defaults are ok

Debian is simple - if you like the defaults.

Ubuntu - your new home?

Debian Pure Blend - Debian for a specific purpose

a subset of Debian configured to support a particular target group out-of-the-box.

Debian Pure Blend - current blending projects

Deebian Pure Blends - future blends

Home alone...

A bigger house for all your devices

Have a butler!

Example: Store and play music

FreedomBox - your personal privacy manager

FreedomBox - Dreams...


Tech - Debian, generic setup

Tech - Debian, hand-tuned

Tech - Debian, auto-tuned

Tech - Debian Pure Blend = generic

Tech - tasks involved

Tech - blends-dev

Tool to help maintain package lists and prospective packages.


Tech - dirty tricks

Avoid configuration files...

Tech - tweaks

Reusable scripts compatible with one or more of...

Tech - good style

Tech - When is it "Pure"?

When all is in Debian, with no dirty tricks:

Team - getting involved

Team - getting involved II

Team - getting involved III

Team - getting involved IV

Team - getting involved V

Team - Continuous status checks

Debian Pure Blends - Future

Final words...

Be passionate!

Share your passion!

Final words...

Be passionate!

Share your passion!

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